Climb Inside - Larry Moss

Climb Inside

By Larry Moss

  • Release Date: 2012-01-01
  • Genre: Arts du spectacle


This book teaches the ins and outs of getting inside a jumbo balloon on stage. It explains everything from how to inflate 6-foot balloons to getting in and out of them safely. Photos show the entire process, including a few shots from inside of the balloon. Remember that climbing inside a latex balloon can be dangerous. This text provides the best advice for performing the stunt. Climbing inside balloons is still a stunt and should be tried only when you understand and accept the risks.

DISCLAIMER: Climbing inside a 6 foot latex balloon can be dangerous. Following the advice provided here does not guarantee your safety. The author believes this to be the best advice for performing this stunt. It is s ll a stunt and you s ll may get hurt. Try this at your own risk.